37 Things Chris Hill Smells Like

Today is Chris’ 37th birthday!!! The day he entered this world was a miraculous day indeed and I feel bad that not everyone gets to bask in his presence every day like I do. So I thought I’d give you all a little glimpse of what it’s like to be in the life of such an awesome man.


37 Things Chris Hill Smells Like:


Fine linen



The constellation Orion

Salted caramel ice cream

Hot cast iron

Artisanal cheese

Soft, worn-in leather

The wind straight of the ocean


New books

Old books

Salt water

The lights going down just before a movie starts


Crisp white hotel sheets

Hot sauce

Charcoal (the fuel)

Charcoal (the color)

The tears of 10,000 conquered orcs

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Armani Code

The Aurora Borealis

Hot chocolate

A glass of all your dreams come true, stirred with a cinnamon stick

Alpaca wool

Fresh clean laundry and dryer sheets

The steam off of freshly cooked rice

Gentleman’s soap

The future


Movie theater popcorn

Ginger and lime with a hint of mint

A fresh-popped bottle of IBC

Unlimited possibilities

True love


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Quoth the Lily…

This cute girl has been CRACKING us up with what comes out of her mouth these days so I thought I’d share some of our recent favorites!

Pointing at a magazine:

L: “Who’s that Mommy?”

M: “That’s Yoda. He’s an alien.”

L: “Probably he’s a goat.”

M: “Are you brushing your monkey teeth?”

L: “Noooo…..”

M: “Are you brushing your human teeth?”

L: “Nooo……”

M: “Yes, you are a human so you have human teeth.”

L: “NO!! Lily NOT a human!”

M: “What are you then?”

L: “I am a child of God!”

“Sometimes Lily has sea monster hair.”

D: “Lily, did you sleep well?”

L: “Nope. I didn’t sleep.”

D: “You didn’t sleep ALL night?”

L: “Nope. Not for a thousand years.”

While wiggling our freshly-painted toenails together:

“We’re having a tarsal party!!”

“Bulldozer is my favorite color.”

“We better watch out. Khoren’s gonna poop all over all my barnehage friends.”

After a trip to the emergency room:

“We’re going to be a happy family. Lily, Mommy, Daddy, Khoren, and the doctor.”

M: “Lily, are you teaching Khoren about the shapes?”

L: “Yep. The shapes like ovals, fruit, and smashed potatoes.”

At 4am:

L: “Mommy my eye stings!”

M: “Why does your eye sting?”

L: “That up there got in it!” – points at ceiling.

M: “What got in it?”

L: “The darkness.”

L: “When we die we won’t be old.”

M: “Oh I hope we are. That’s the best time to die.”

L: “Nope. I’m going to take a shower and wash all the old off.”

And lastly, I kid you not, these exact words came out of her mouth:

L: “If I ever see a proboscis on the floor I’ll shout ‘Mommy! Daddy! There’s a proboscis on the floor!’ and I’ll run away and we’ll put it outside so it won’t hurt ya.”

M&D: ???????????

Just one photo please?

Whenever I take Khoren’s monthly photos of course Lily has to be right there where the action is. I always have high hopes of catching the perfect adorable sibling photo, but this is how it usually goes:

“Hi there Lily! Can you sit right next to Khoren for just a second?”

“Awwww! That’s great! What a good big sis….. no wait!”


“Nooooooo! Don’t push him please! Ok let’s try again.”


“Can you please scoot a little closer? Please? Pretty please? Ok. I’ll give you two pretzels if you put your butt next to his butt and look at the camera.”


“Ok close enough. Khoren! Khoren buddy! Heeeeeey! Be happy happy happy!”

“Smiles plllllleaaaaase!?”


Khoren tries to roll away.

Lily, screaming: “Mommy said pretzels Khoren!”


“”Ack! Ok Lily! Thank you for hugging Khoren! You can have your pretzels now. Please don’t squish him!”

“Let’s maybe try a new position. Tummy time!”

“Ummm… maybe in the crib together would be cute?”

And finally…..

“Ah hah! I GOT ONE! The shot that will live in infamy on Instagram! The photo worthy of the baby books that we will look back on and tell you all about how much you loved each other as siblings! The shot that proves I am a triumphant mother and… GAH! Ok fine…Stop shouting. I’ll let you go. You can get out and go play now.”

Me: Lies down on the floor with sweaty armpits and deep breathes for a minute or two.

::end scene::

Khoren is 7 months old!

Khoren is 7 months old!

Khoren is a very determined and opinionated little fella. He knows what he wants and expects to get it. He spends a good portion of his playtime turning around in 360s on his tummy and has started to scootch his way backwards. Will barely hold still for diaper changes and getting dressed before he rolls over to go exploring. Wants to do EVERYTHING Lily does and gets very frustrated when he can’t. Likes to drum with toys on other toys and bang things with his fists to make sounds. Walls, boxes, tables, faces, nothing is safe from the drumming.


He LOVES solid food and makes a specific noise when he is hungry and wants to eat. Current favorites are pureed smoothie pouches, chicken, tomatoes, salmon and scrambled eggs. Loves to “talk” to people and will stare you down if you aren’t paying attention to him when he wants to chat. He is very social with strangers (as long as Mommy is holding him). Laughs easily, especially at Lily’s antics. Is extremely ticklish on his thighs, upper knees and hips. Gets unbelievably excited when Chris gets home from work each day.


His tongue tie is completely healed and he is doing SO much better. He has started pooping more frequently than the previous once every 2 weeks (I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad about that). Loves being outside. Woke us up the other morning having a grand old time spitting and blowing raspberries. Loves the song Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. Has finally started sleeping in stretches longer than 2 hours at night (still only 3-4, but we’ll take it!) Has a high-pitched siren pterodactyl screech when he’s happy and excited and/or angry and impatient. It’s hard to tell which. Loves to grab your face with both hands and suck on your chin until you are covered with slobber. Overall is a loving, happy kid!

We sure do love our little boy!

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

You know how before you have kids you have all these mental pictures of what it will be like when you have them? Little picture-perfect snapshots of how idyllic you imagine having an adorable family of your own will be?

Obviously, reality is much more full of tantrums and boogers. But last Sunday afternoon was one of those snapshot days for me.

Lily has been asking to fly a kite for ages, so after church Chris took her out to the sheep field behind our house to attempt a go at it. I glanced out the window and saw a view that fulfilled all my wildest dreams about having kids. The perfect blue sky, the green grass, the warm wind that was JUST strong enough to get the kite in the air and still allow a little kid to hold the string, Lily holding on as hard as she could with the biggest smile on her face, Chris dad-ing so hard as he helped get the kite in the air. It was a scene straight out of all my parenting dreams and definitely one of the top 10 most adorable things I’ve ever seen!



The next day at dinner we were back to normal, with Lily hysterically cracking herself up over her discovery that she could make loud and convincing fart noises with her milk cup. But hey, there must be balance to the universe, right? :)