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The primary culprit for me being behind on this blog is…. yep! You guessed it! My cake studio! I haven’t officially announced it on the blog yet so here it goes (drumroll please):

I have officially moved in!

Hooray! There is still a lot that needs to be done (so current pictures won’t be posted for a little while longer), but at least all the cake stuff (read: mess) is out of our house! I spent the whole time Chris was in the Czech Republic moving all my pans and bowls and tools into the shop and getting it all organized and, I really must tell you, it feels FANTASTIC! I had no idea I had SO much cake stuff and we both feel like so much of our house has opened up now that it’s gone!

The exodus of the cake supplies provoked a MASSIVE purging of the rest of our apartment when Chris got home. We decided that we had collected too much stuff, and it had to go. We decided to get rid of 100 things. I know…Whoah. 100 things sounds like a lot. But before you raise your eyebrow too high, you should pause and read this post by The Art of Doing Stuff.


Sounds pretty simple right? We actually tried getting rid of 50 things like the article suggested a year or so ago by cleaning out the junk drawer and under our kitchen sink and were amazed by how easy it was to get rid of 50! So we decided this time around to up it to 100 and we surpassed it by leaps and bounds! I don’t have an official count because after a while I stopped counting the little things, but so far we’ve gotten rid of 110 bigger items!  Things like clothes, old sewing projects that will never happen, a giant bag of holy jeans, US electronics we just don’t use here, etc. Not to mention junk that collects like old papers, plastic bags, paper clips, etc. It has been amazing!

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I know it sounds rather zen… but possessing over 100 less things really has made us feel great! Just the knowledge that there is less stuff in our house  has made us feel lighter and more peaceful. I feel like we have less to weigh us down and keep us from being flexible and mobile in our life. Who needs all this STUFF anyway??

So… I would like to renew Karen’s challenge from her post a year ago. While you are spring cleaning these next few months, try throwing out 50 things you currently possess. Remember, 1 paperclip = 1 thing. 1 plastic grocery bag = 1 thing. I promise it’s not as hard as it sounds and it will make you feel amazing! Let us know in the comments if you do it and how it goes!



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4 Responses
  1. Dad O says:

    Sounds good. We’ll start in your room! :).

  2. The Mom says:

    That’s awesome!! But how is it when I suggested it with regard to your bedroom years ago it fell on deaf ears? Hmm….. I suppose mothers just don’t have the zen appeal of a stranger’s blog posting. I wonder what will happen if I forward your blog posting to Cameron – or better yet that stranger’s blog posting? Let’s find out….

    • ChrisandChelsea says:

      There are a lot of things you told me years ago that have recently finally clicked ;) It wasn’t like that strangers blog post was the revelation or anything either, it just gave me a cool goal to reach. I’ve been slowly realizing the benefits of purging since college. Your teachings sunk in there somewhere!

      Love you! Thank you for teaching me good habits :)

  3. Stefanie says:

    Hi Chelsea! Your comment didnt go to my email for some weird reason, so instead of replying, i will just comment here! First of all, i love the idea of getting rid of 100 things! I bet its easier than it sounds. I too am more prone to doing things like that since finishing college :) About Peru, the 4 day “inka trail hike” is quite expensive (at least $550) and you must book at LEAST 4 months in advance. So by the time we decided to go to Peru, all the passes were sold out (they let 500 people on the trail per day). I think doing the hike would be the best way to do it, but since that wasn’t an option for us, we took the train from Ollantaytambo (Sacred valley) to Aguas Calientes. You then just take a 30 min bus ride from AC to Machu Picchu in the morning. Does that all make sense? Now go get rid of 10 more things!!

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