1st Anniversary of Chelsea’s Cool Cakes

Chris barely had time to come home and do laundry after our trip to Greece before he was off again to Germany for a three-week NATO exercise. Poor guy had an insanely busy autumn!


While he was gone, I celebrated the first birthday of my cake studio! And by celebrated, I mean I thought “Oh hey! Today is the 1-year anniversary of getting the keys!” and then moved right on back to baking. No time to be fancy!

But I thought I would celebrate here on the blog by sharing some photos of the shop, since the last time I shared photos of it it we were in the middle of fixing it up and it was a complete disaster.

It's still not much to look at, but here it is, in all its sugary glory :)


The front door.
It looks pretty intense with the gate closed eh? It used to be a dentist office so they had the gate to protect the gas and painkillers. Now it protects my cakes from would-be dessert thieves.
The other side of the front door.
The consultation/waiting room.

The decorating room and door to the kitchen.

Where the magic happens.


I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen, but it's just an oven, a fridge, and a sink. Nothing special.


Although it does have a killer view:

This past year has been A LOT of very hard work. Running your own business definitely isn't for the faint of heart. I've been told that I'm brave for starting my own company, but most days I really just feel outta-my-mind-crazy. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) has gone into making the business what it is today and I have learned A TON about running a company and myself as a person over the past year. While it hasn't been a piece of cake (I'm sorry… I had to!), thankfully it's finally starting to pay off.

Some really great things are in store for Chelsea's Cool Cakes in 2014!



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6 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    I know I tell you every day, but I’m proud of you sweetheart. As proud as any husband could be. :* Love you!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Wow, this is huge. That is so impressive that you have your own space! Just last night I was thinking, “WHY AM I SEWING SO MUCH BEDDING FOR OTHER PEOPLE?!?!” as I was trying to fit too many products into a box to ship– so many logistics! Hats off to you, I’m sure the hours and logistics are intense working with fresh baked cakes. Do you make it far enough ahead of time that you could completely start over if something goes terribly wrong? Ah!

  3. The mom says:

    To start and successful run your own company is a really big deal. And to do it in a foreign country and in a foreign language is truly spectacular. I am so proud of you and in awe of you. You go girl. I love you. Mom

  4. Charlotte says:

    Chelsea! This is so awesome! And to do it all in Norway?! I would really love to come and see your shop someday–we’re planning a trip to Iceland this Fall, so I will let you know if we end up coming over to your neck of the woods! Best of luck to you!!

  5. The Dad says:

    I’m very proud of you for having the courage and creativity to start your own business. You are awesome! I know the day we spent in the bakery probably felt more like just another work day for you but it was really special for me to spend that time working with you in your “habitat.” Love, Dad.

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