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Sunny Day in Stavanger

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Drat! They caught us!

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Hillhuset (The Hill House)

Pronounced “Hill-heu-seh” :)

Once we got the keys and unpacked our 3 suitcases, it finally started to feel like we belonged in Norway and had a place to call home. We love our little place!

Things that are awesome about our apartment:

  • It is completely furnished..with IKEA! Ikea couches, Ikea kitchen stuff, Ikea lamps, Ikea houseplants.
  • We have the most amazing water pressure I've ever experienced in my entire life.
  • The floors are heated.
  • We are right by the water! We can see a tiny bit of the fjord if we go out on the balcony and our windows overlook a small inlet.
  • We get lots of sun in our living room/kitchen area through big windows! At least…when there is sun…
  • The water gets hot enough to make hot chocolate straight from the tap. No stove or microwave!
  • There is a separate little room for the washer and dryer (Quite rare for apartments in Norway. Usually they are just in a corner of the bathroom. We got lucky.)

Things that aren't so awesome about our apartment:

  • Because of previously stated awesome water pressure, our faucets tend to explode and splash everywhere if we don't treat the handle gently.
  • The apartment has heated floors…except in the bedrooms. Weird eh? We have to use a space heater + a down comforter to stay warm at night.
  • The oven is TINY. Dunno what we're going to do for Thanksgiving…
  • The freezer is also tiny. And consists of only drawers. It's weird.
  • The plugs are NEVER where we need them. We'll be investing a lot in extension cords.
  • The light switches are on the outside of all the rooms. Which means Chris has a lot of fun turning off the bathroom light while I'm doing my business…

But you can check it out yourself! Behold! The Grand Tour!

The front door.

The other side of the front door. You can't see it, but there is a huge mirrored glass closet off to your left.

Rounding the corner from the front door. (You are facing backwards so around that corner is the previous shot) To the right is our bedroom door and to the left is our bathroom!


The storage room.

The 2nd bedroom. To those who will be coming to visit: Don't'll be much less of a storage room :) We also plan on putting a larger bed in here at some point.

View from the bathroom door.

Self explanatory.

Through that door is the laundry room, but we're in the midst of doing laundry so you don't get to see it ;)

From the hallway into the living area.

The lamp is normally supposed to be pointing down, but we flipped it up because it's the only light in the living room at the moment and it brightens things up considerably if we bounce the light off the ceiling.

The living room. Everything you see came with the place except the keyboard. One of our church members is letting us borrow it! (and the computers...of course)

Looking from the far wall of the living room into the kitchen/eating area.

View through the back door out onto the balcony.

The view from the balcony.

View towards the fjord from our balcony.

The kitchen! With preparations for dinner all set out.

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Dishwasher Man

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The Three Swords

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