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See you in 4 days!

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Easter Street

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Eating Rudolph

A little while ago, I was over at my friend Jen’s house (an expat with the oil industry) and she introduced me to her friend Vanessa.  Vanessa is a French-Canadian who married a Norwegian and is now expecting her first little viking baby! The three of us were cooking dinner together for a little ‘girl’s night in’ and Vanessa mentioned that her husband LOVES to cook.

A Norwegian that likes cooking? I thought, Whoah Norwegians aren’t typically known for their love of the culinary arts. Jen and I were clearly doubting her, so to show us how into cooking Eirik really was, Vanessa invited Chris, Jen and I over for a dinner party at their house on Saturday night along with 4 of their (hilarious) Norwegian friends. And what a dinner it was! Vanessa wasn’t messing around. Eirik served up a 5 course Norwegian meal of some of best food we’ve had since we got to Norway!

Course 1: Bruschetta with liver pate from Spain

Course 2: Scallops and lobster with a vanilla bean cauliflower pureé

Course 3: Lobster-seafood soup

Course 4: Reindeer with winter vegetables and red wine reduction sauce

That’s right. Reindeer. And you know what…it was delicious!

A fun factoid about Norway we learned that night: Norwegians don’t raise beef cattle. All the beef here comes from dairy cows that are past their milky prime, and because of that the beef is…well…quite sad :'(

So when Americans eat big juicy steaks, Norwegians eat big juicy reindeer. And as long as you think about it like THIS:


and not THIS:


it really is as delicious as steak! Chris and I both loved it!


The final course of the meal was the BEST creme brulée I have ever tasted. Absolutely amazing!


Thank you again for a wonderful night Vanessa and Eirik!