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In Cod We Trust

Anna showed me this book when we were over at their house for a Wine and Cheese night and she insisted that I borrow it. She said it would give me a whole new appreciation for Norwegian culture and my experience here. It’s a pretty quick read (I finished it in an afternoon/evening) and seriously…it was hilarious. I loved every bit of it! In fact, as soon as I finished it I popped onto and ordered one for Chris and I. We need it in our house.

The book is written by Eric Dregni, a great-grandson of Norwegian immigrants who receives a grant to live in Norway for a year with his pregnant wife to rediscover his roots and write about his experiences. His adventures echoed our experiences so far almost perfectly! I’d read excerpts to Chris and we’d both think “Hahaha! That happened to us!” or “Oh! That totally explains _____!” It really did help me understand the cultural differences between Norwegians and Americans and Eric’s light and comedic way of writing about difficult situations made me appreciate that these differences are an adventure and not something to stress over.

I’m guessing that this book won’t really be relevant to most of you, but for a few of you (I’m specifically talking to you: Mom, Dad, Jon, Tamara, anybody planning to visit, and any of you expats living in Norway), you will seriously love this book. It’ll help you appreciate what life is like for Chris and I here in Norway in a much funnier and cohesive way than this blog does (and if you are an expat, you’ll totally relate!). In fact… I wish Eric Dregni could write this blog for me. It would be much more awesome :)


Once Upon a Hike

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