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Whoa…where did January go?

So far 2012 has been pretty busy for Chris and I! I had a New Year’s resolution to update this blog at least once a week…but January just blurred into one long week somehow! I plan on being much better about it starting now (be prepared for some catch-up posts!)

Here are some of the things that have kept us occupied this new year:

-New Years

Norway doesn’t have strict firework laws like they do in the States. Pretty much anyone is free to get large, sky-shooting fireworks and shoot them off from their driveway. Which made for a VERY cool New Years Eve. We made tamales and climbed to the roof of our neighboring apartment building to watch the 360 degree fireworks from all over town. It was one of the coolest firework experiences we’ve ever had! Until it started pouring rain. Here’s a shot of some of the straggler fireworks from our balcony after we dashed inside.

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– Learning how to make sushi

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Yup. We started it again. This time we’re doing the muscle-building diet that goes along with it. So far we’re on Week #4 and still going strong! Sexy bods for us in 2012 (we hope!)


– Sick

Most likely as a result of P90x. Whenever we start P90x it seems we never fail to end up sick around week 2. Probably because we are usually lazy bums before we start and end up shocking our system. This time wasn’t so bad though and we pulled through! We are mostly better now except for the sniffly noses (and the random hives and rashes I’ve been getting due to some unknown allergy. TMI?)


– “Spring” Cleaning and organizing the apartment top to bottom

We finally figured out a way to utilize all the empty space above our computer desk without being allowed to put any holes in the wall. Ikea hacking at its best.

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(Look at the pretty, organized shelves…not the messy, unorganized desktop…)


– Getting my cake business up and running.

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Looking for a location. Getting permits. Logo. Marketing. Actually making the cakes. Running a business is hard work!


I guess that’s it. It doesn’t sound so busy when I write it down…but it has sure felt busy!

We are really looking forward to this new year. 2012 is going to bring on some great things. We can tell :)


A Word from the Bird: Boxes

Hi guys! Skittles here again.

I just wanted to make sure you all started off this new year with a post from your favorite parrot. (That’s me.)

I had a great Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the whole year. It’s full of two of my very favorite things: Paper and cardboard boxes. And sometimes….paper IN cardboard boxes!


After Christmas, Chelsea thought I looked bored without all the Christmas boxes around so she gave me a cereal box to play in. (Lucky Charms if you must know.)

I liked the cereal box so much I laid an egg in it. I got so excited it came right out of my bum.

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I laid 2 more a few days later and am sitting on them until further notice. And yes…I know they won’t hatch, but instincts are instincts after all. What’s a bird to do?