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Of Life and Food

Wowza. Has this poor little blog been gathering dust or what?? Unfortunately…so has our apartment. It’s just been one of those months (::cough::3months::cough::).

So here’s the thing…My only excuse at first was that nothing going on really seemed worth blogging about. We went sledding…and then after that Chris was working and I was doing cakes and continuing to try to make progress on opening my cake shop. We’d finish our work for the day, make dinner, watch a couple of episodes of [30 Rock, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Modern Family, Bones, Chuck], and then go to sleep. Gotta love the long, dark Norwegian winters.

Then I read an article about being a better blogger and got all inspired and motivated and stuff so I decided that even though I didn’t think anything was worth writing about, I would start just taking pictures of random everyday life and post those on our blog. You know…creating art out of the simplicities of the day-to-day. It was going to be fantastic.

What ended up happening though was a lot of photos of food. I guess it’s clear what I’ve been inspired by lately.

So here is my new photographic series to catch you all up on our life. I call it,

Things We’ve Ingested Since February

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(and yes…in case you were wondering…the Great Norwegian Butter Crisis is officially over.)


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