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The Visit of the Hoegers: A Photo Essay

Next stop for the Hoegers: Germany!

We'll meet up with you guys in Greece!

This – right here, right now – is Norway.

This hike to Månafossen and the Mån Farm with the Hoegers and our church is going in the C2 record books as one of the most Norwegian things we've ever experienced.
First, there was the hike to the falls. In the drizzling rain. Rain doesn't slow the Norwegians down one bit.
We continued up through the mossy, mysterious forests to Mån Farm.


Then we grilled pølse on the bank of the river for lunch. Because of course it's not a true Norwegian outing unless hot dogs are consumed.
We cheered on Crister as he tried to rock-hop across the river (wearing his parka in August).
He almost made it, but then had to wade the rest of the way barefoot through the glacial river.
And that glacial river? The kids were playing in it in their swimsuits. It doesn't matter that the water is frigid….it's summer!
THEN the sheep showed up. Just sauntered through the group with their bells jingling like it was totally normal. Which…because it's Norway…it was.
And then, you guys, the children started RIDING THE SHEEP!
And the grandpas too. In Norwegian sweaters. I mean…. FOR REAL???
It was like everything we ever imagined/hoped/dreamed Norway to be came to life right before our eyes in a beautiful, surreal still-life of Norwegian culture.
It could only possibly have been more Norwegian if everyone did the hike wearing cross country skis.
But I guess that's what winter is for :)


Hello Hoegers!
The airport tarmac barley had time to cool after my family's plane took off before our friends, Chris and Michi, were landing in Stavanger. We had just 3 days to gather our bearings before the next round of fjords, sightseeing, and general awesomeness.
Norway was the first stop on the Hoeger's tour through Europe. They were here 5 days before they headed out for 2 weeks in Germany, and then we met up with them again in Greece for a week. It was quite the trip!
Oh and hey! They brought a baby!
To protect the innocent, we shall call her LittleBug (named by Chris).

It's always wonderful to spend time with old friends. We've been so blessed that despite living so far away, we have been able to keep in contact with our dear ones back home through visits on both ends and frequent Skype dates. I don't know what we would do without you guys!


Family Oz at the beach
A week goes by WAY too fast these days!
It felt like my family just arrived and then they were suddenly turning around to leave again. It was definitely a crazy whirlwind of a summer adventure!
We had one last hurrah at the beach before they were back on a jet plane heading homeward.
Looking at the 100s of jellyfish floating around in the waves, trying to decide if they were alive or dead.
Mom found a sea critter! This photo was taken right before she realized it was more than just a broken shell…
I totally share genes with these guys right here.
Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We're glad we successfully convinced my family of the awesomeness of Norway (and rumors about a trip back in the future are already filtering through the channels!) We love you guys LOADS and are so happy you were able to come visit us this summer! These will always be treasured memories :)
We can't wait to see you again in November for Cam's mission farewell!


My mother has had a recurring nightmare since us kids were born about her loved ones falling from high places. We haven’t been able to go near sheer drops without her getting a severe case of the nerves. She even has a hard time looking at photos or videos of us near precipitous edges taken years ago (even precipitous edges with a 6 foot steel fense between us and the chasm ::cough::grandcanyonwhenIwasten::cough)

So, naturally, when they were in town we grabbed Dad and climbed to the tallest, most precipitous edge in the near vicinity to take some awesome photos for her to look at later!

Sorry Mom… It just couldn’t be passed up :)

It was a perfect day for the hike and Dad scaled that mountain like a boss! (We won’t talk about how the trail was renovated by Everest sherpas this summer to make the trip slightly easier… ;) )

Seriously though, it was so much fun to experience such epic vistas with the two most important men in my life.

(Look away now Mom!)

I am one lucky girl indeed!