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Outside Our Window

Not gonna lie…. we love our new view.



From downtown to farmtown.


By the way… we now live on a sheep farm. We went for the extremes with this move: center of the city to the middle of farmland. The first time I took the bus home from work, it went like this:


Chris: “Where are you? Weren’t you supposed to be home already? It’s already well after dark.”


Chelsea: “Ummm.. not sure. I got off at the right bus stop according to Google, but now I’m lost in a field somewhere. Not sure what happened.”


Chris: “Can you head back to the road? I’ll bring the car and come get you.”


Chelsea: “I honestly have no idea where the road is. It disappeared a while back. According to my phone I’m still on track though and I think there are houses up ahead, so hopefully I’ll make it home soon. Unless I get eaten by wild sheep.”


Chris: “Well…if that happens, know that I love you.”

I did make it home eventually, albeit covered in mud and hay. We have since found a much better route to the bus stop.


Also, no lie, the second week after moving in I passed a team of sled dogs pulling a four-wheeler down the road. I may have almost caused an accident with my excitement.


Toto, we sure aren’t in Kansas anymore.



The Great Move of 2013
As soon as our plane landed back in Norway, we had to ignore jetlag and throw ourselves straight into “moving mode.” Our new contract officially began the first week of December, so it was ready…set…MOVE!

Here’s the place before we took it over:

Looking in from the front hall to the kitchen and living/dining room.
Standing in the back corner of the living room looking back towards the kitchen and bathroom.
The master bedroom.
An actual, bona fide walk-in closet! This was definitely one of the main reasons we chose this apartment. After three years of having everything crammed into two tiny wardrobes, this was pretty major. We are in closet heaven!
Notice how there’s no furniture in the apartment? (With the exception of the bookcases and 2 night stands in the bedroom.) We moved in with 4 bookcases and a desk to our name. I guess after being married 3 years it’s high time we act like adults and purchase our own furniture.

We had some great friends who volunteered the use of their time, muscles, and vehicles to help us move all our boxes into the new place (Thank you again Meads and Olsens!). The actual moving bit happened fairly quickly since we were already mostly packed before we left for the States and, as I stated above, we had hardly any furniture. The hard part was getting everything unpacked and organzied once we got it all inside. Especially because, and I’ll say it one last time, no furniture.

The books and computer got unpacked. What more do you really need?
The general state of the apartment for about a month.
Skittles adjusted to the move extremely well. I think she’s getting used to frequent changes in scenery with the big move to Norway and the various friends’ houses she’s stayed at while we’ve been out of town.
Plus, she really likes boxes, so I’m sure having a hundred of them lying around didn’t hurt.
“Nope….not coming out.”
Our grand furniture plan was to be all green and hold off buying anything until we could find really awesome items for really cheap on (the Craigslist of Norway). Especially the bed. We’ve been sleeping on some pretty awful beds in our furnished apartments ever since we got married so for our first bed purchase we were determined to hold out, save our pennies, do our research, and buy the nicest bed we could find that would be exactly perfect in every way.
Well… we lasted about 3 days on an air mattress before OH MY GOSH WE NEED A REAL BED NOW!!!!
Enter: IKEA
We spent an afternoon testing out pretty much every mattress combination in the store while asking the poor employee in charge of mattresses 500 questions. It turns out Ikea actually has some pretty nice beds! Who knew! We ultimately left feeling really pleased with our choice.
However, like most post-IKEA trips, the evening quickly devolved from there.
Thanks to Chris’ manly mastery of his element, we now have a fully functioning bed. And it is one of the best beds we’ve ever slept on. Yay for marital milestones and unfurnished new apartments!