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First comes love, then comes marriage…

Now we’ll need a baby carriage!

I know it’s totally old news at this point, but hey…getting caught up on the blog means getting caught up and considering this is the biggest thing to happen to us all year it needs to be documented. It has been quite the journey getting to this point for us and I hope to share all my thoughts about it in the future, but for now:
The newest and greatest adventure of C2 begins 8 FEBRUARY 2015!!!



A summer jaunt to Vegas

One of our best friends, Julie, got married in July so of course we had to fly home for the big day! I know.. Vegas in the middle of summer! Crazy! We hadn’t been home to Vegas at the height of summer for a while and we were a little worried that we’ve gone soft in the colder weather of Norway, but much to our pleasure we discovered we could still handle the heat as well as anybody does in Vegas! Which, yes, basically means we lived by the pool. I think we freaked out my parents a little bit when, during the first three days, we lounged around in a next-to-vegetative stupor with little motivation to do anything besides sit quietly and zone out. Between Chris’ busy travel schedule and all the crazy hours I’d been putting into Slikkepotten… we were beat and doing absolutely NOTHING for a few days felt more wonderful that I could possibly describe! Does that mean we are getting old???


If it does, I don’t really care, because we sure needed it!

Julie was the last of our little childhood BFF trio to enter into holy matrimony, so of course we had to celebrate with a ladies’ night out on the town. (And when you are Mormon Vegas locals, that doesn’t mean clubbing and yard-long margaritas. It means ginormous and decadent ice cream sundaes at The Sugar Factory. Viva Las Vegas!)

And of course, lots of sexy underwear for Julie to unwrap, because that’s just the kind of friends we are. Ooooo baby!
Our waiter was clearly a pro at taking photos…
Julie was simply radiant on her wedding day! This was the first wedding between the three of us that we were all able to attend and it was very special indeed.
Very special…
And cute pregnant Jessica gave birth to the firstborn of the bunch just over 2 days later! I feel like it was a big weekend for our little group of friends :)


Hurra for 17 Mai!
Chris got back from Menorca the morning of the 17th of May, otherwise known as Norway’s Constitution Day. I was planning to write a profound and witty anecdote or two about the tradition of bunads (the national Norwegian costume) and the fact that it was Norway’s 200th anniversary of their constitution, but considering I’m about 9 months behind on this blog now and I really just want to get caught up I’ll just say that Yay! Norway has been its own country for 200 years! and Yay! Bunads are awesome and beautiful!
We skipped the morning children’s parade this year so after a nice long nap, we met up with some church friends to watch the folketoget, or People’s Parade.
Love these kids’ faces!
Love this guy’s face too!
Our friends, the Olsens, all decked out in their 17th of May finest.
Church dogpile.
Lynne in her gorgeous bunad custom made for her by her mom!
More bunads because I love them so much.

Gratulerer med 200 års dagen Norge!