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A Word from the Bird: Intruder
Hello. It’s me Skittles the bird.


Chelsea and Chris get asked all the time, “How is Skittles handling the new addition to the family?” I’ll answer this for you:


I dislike that stinky wiggly thing.


Chelsea tried to get me used to the idea of having a baby around before she was born by buying me a doll to hang out with, but I tell you… a doll is nothing like an actual living breathing tiny human. For one thing, a doll doesn’t make sounds. A baby makes A LOT of sounds and I don’t like any of them. I’m pretty chillaxed if the baby is silent, but if it is making sounds it is obviously untrustworthy.


It also gets ALL the attention. I used to be the baby of the family, but now I only get to come out to play during nap time or after bed. Chelsea says it’s because I get too defensive and territorial when the baby makes noises and I need to learn to control my temper, but whatever. I know when I’ve been unfairly demoted.

Why couldn’t it come out as an automatic 10 year old? Yes… 10 years olds are nice. I like 10 year olds. Babies grow fast, right?



I’m obsessed with watching Lily discover her world. I had no idea it was so fascinating to watch a person discover things for the very first time. She reaches out to touch anything and everything she can and it’s just so darn cute I can’t help but capture it when I can.


Trying to grab the fondant at work:



The phone is always something that must be reached for:



Chris was helping me cook dinner one evening and I turned around to see this:“Must. Touch. The butt.”



Daddy’s glowy computer mouse and keyboard is also a favorite.


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