21 Days

When Chris went to Grafenwoer, Germany for 3 weeks, life around the house got super boring. I can’t really complain too much, since we’re around so much military stuff and 3 weeks pales in comparison to the average deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan that a lot of wives have to deal with, but when you find yourself having full one-sided conversations with a parrot you know it’s time for your husband to come home.

At least I got to be home and do stuff though. Poor Chris was stuck on the army base out in the middle of nowhere with one single day off in 3 weeks (including weekends!) His only consolation was a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell on the base. Yummm :)

To make the separation a bit easier (and to remind myself that I did have contact with humans), I decided to email Chris a self-portrait once a day. I didn’t think of it until the 3rd day, so there are only 19 photos out of 21 days, but here it is… our 3 week separation summed up in photos.

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The best part about Chris finally coming home? Getting to hug and kiss him again, duh.

The second best part? He brought me chicken chalupas from Taco Bell! They were a bit mushed from the trip on the plane…but OH were they amazing :D

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4 Responses
  1. Bernt says:

    Why is there a worgen in there?

    • ChrisandChelsea says:

      Because it’s my WoW character. Chris finally got me to start an account, so now we play together when he goes out of town on work trips. It helps bridge the distance :)

  2. Brian Hill says:

    Is the wolf lady your WoW avatar?

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