A very CORNY post…get it? :)

You guys….spring is coming. How do I know?


The fresh corn showed up in the import stores this week.

I know. Life is good.

Fresh sweet corn only shows up here in Stavanger for a few months every spring/summer. The rest of the year we are left with either canned corn, or what I call “shrink-wrapped corn”, which is corn on the cob that is semi pre-cooked and wrapped in thick plastic. Canned corn is alright, but “shrink-wrapped corn” is the WORST tasting corn I have ever had in my life. Perhaps saying that makes me a corn snob… But even Skittles won’t touch it. And when the bird that loves corn on the cob like this dog loves walks won’t even take a nibble…I feel justified :)

This is actually the earliest in the year I’ve seen fresh corn show up since we moved here. When I saw it at IMS (the import store by our house) I actually did a little dance right there in the produce section! Chris cooked us up some restaurant-style steaks that night for dinner with our corn on the side.



The corn wasn’t to die for (it’s probably a bit too early in the season for the really good stuff), but nevertheless, it means summer is on it’s way! So excited!


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  1. Jon says:

    Good man Chris! Carrying on that manly Hill tradition of heating the roast beast. I am very hungry right now.

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