A Word from the Bird: Boxes

Hi guys! Skittles here again.

I just wanted to make sure you all started off this new year with a post from your favorite parrot. (That’s me.)

I had a great Christmas. Christmas is the best time of the whole year. It’s full of two of my very favorite things: Paper and cardboard boxes. And sometimes….paper IN cardboard boxes!


After Christmas, Chelsea thought I looked bored without all the Christmas boxes around so she gave me a cereal box to play in. (Lucky Charms if you must know.)

I liked the cereal box so much I laid an egg in it. I got so excited it came right out of my bum.

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I laid 2 more a few days later and am sitting on them until further notice. And yes…I know they won’t hatch, but instincts are instincts after all. What’s a bird to do?



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