Once upon a time, a guy met a girl.

They became best friends.

They fell in love.

They got married.

And then they moved to Norway.

These are their adventures.

 C Squared!

Well ok…I guess if you really want to know more you can keep reading :)

We are Chris and Chelsea (aka C²). We met in Provo, Utah in 2008. Chelsea was studying advertising at BYU and already-graduated Chris was working for a film production company. While it was love at first sight for Chris, it was a year and a half before Chelsea clued in. But she finally figured it out and we got married in August 2010!

Chelsea was finishing up her last semester at BYU when Chris answered the call of an online job posting for a media technician for the NATO branch in Stavanger, Norway. We’d both always said we wanted to live overseas and so we said, “What the heck?  Norway seems like a good place to start!” After a series of interviews and security checks, we got word at the end of November 2010 that he got the job and that they wanted him out there at the beginning of January 2011. Within one month our stuff was packed, our cars were sold, Chelsea was graduated, and we were off to live with the vikings! Click here to start at the beginning of our adventures!

While moving to Norway has been a huge adjustment, we both love it here and can’t wait to fill this blog up with life changing adventures! Tusen takk (thank you) for stopping by!


Frequently Asked Questions

How is it living in a foreign country?

Pretty cool! I mean… what else do you say to that? Living in another country and adjusting to a new culture definitely has its ups and downs. We have had some amazing and wonderful experiences living here, but it hasn’t been without significant challenges. We love the adventure of it all though and are excited for more in the future!

What made you guys pick Norway?

Google Images. Seriously. When Chis saw the listing for a job that was located in “Stavanger, Norway” we did a quick image search and fell in love! Try it. You will too.

So…what does Chris do at his job again?

He makes fake news for fake wars in fake countries.

No really. What does he actually do?

Really! That’s what he actually does. Chris is a civilian media technician for the Joint Warfare Center, a division of NATO. The JWC is responsible for training military officials before they enter the “theater of war” (said with a deep James Earl Jones voice) by creating conflict scenarios between made-up countries. Chris and the rest of his team play the part of the media, a simulated CNN or BBC if you will. They create news broadcasts revolving around the events of the “war” with the intent to train these military officials how to interact with the real-life media. Press conferences, interviews, broadcasts, negative spin stories… the lot!

Wow… that’s really random.

Yes… yes it is.

How did he get such a cool job/how can I find a job like that?

He found a listing online for the job one day while skimming creativecow.net. He realized he was qualified for it so he thought, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” and sent in his resume.  If you are looking for a similar job, our advice would be to be open to new ideas. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into preconceived expectations about where you want to live and what job you want to do. You never know what you’ll be qualified for and what direction that will take you!

Wasn’t it scary to make the decision to move overseas?

Sure was! Quite terrifying actually! We thought and prayed about it a lot before making the decision. But life is all about grabbing a hold of opportunities like this and we shouldn’t let fear and doubt keep us from taking advantage of them! That’s our theory anyway.

Ok… So while Chris is doing all this cool stuff for NATO, what does Chelsea do?

Chelsea owns her own cake decorating business, Chelsea’s Cool Cakes. She started just doing it out of our home, but she’s now opening her very own cake studio in downtown Stavanger! You can check out more of her cakey goodness on her cake blog HERE. (link coming soon)

What do you miss most about the US?

Family and friends of course! Other than that… real Mexican food and Costco! Feel free to send us some tacos and Costco-sized packs of toilet paper if you are ever feeling generous :)

I want to visit Norway! Can you suggest some awesome things to see and do?

You bet! While we are no experts, we are happy to share the awesome things we’ve discovered here in Norway with fellow travelers! Just send us an email and we’ll see what we can help you with, or query the search bar for “things to do in Norway.”

What kind of a bird is Skittles?

She is a Sun Conure.

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