All-American Osborn Thanksgiving

Continuing our absolutely crazy autumn, three days after Chris got home from Latvia I left for Las Vegas for my little brother, Cameron’s, mission farewell. We were already going to the States for Chris’ brother’s wedding and Cam’s mission call coincided perfectly to that trip so I changed my flight for a few days earlier and later met up with Chris in Utah.


It was awesome to get this time with my family again, even if it was for only a few days! It was the first time we’ve all been together in a while so while we were all under the same roof we celebrated an early Thanksgiving Osborn-style.


Jammin’ with the bros


And what better way to digest turkey post-feast than to spend the evening at a shooting range?
This was a first for the Osborn clan. Dad gave Mom a handgun for her birthday this year since all the kids are now out of the house (Mom’s excuse) and also since they’ve been watching ultra-marathons of The Walking Dead (probably the real reason) so we went shooting so Mom could test out some different handguns and get a feel for what kind she likes. I think it might develop into a tradition! Who’d have thought?
Everyone else had shot handguns multiple times before, but it was my first time shooting one (or ANY gun besides a .22 rifle I shot once at Girl’s Camp). Not gonna lie… I felt super bad-a :) (Also a little terrified, but we’re not going to talk about that)
See that shot exactly above the ‘X’? That was my very first handgun shot ever. Boo-ya!
And of course, what all-American Thanksgiving would be complete without pie?

Lots and lots of pie.


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