Athens, Greece

Our Greek island-hopping adventure was short-lived (in the typical scheme of island-hopping adventures) but awesome. We finished our trip back in Athens with two days left to run around and sightsee in the city.

We were in Athens for a few hours on our cruise last year, but this time around we got a whole new perspective. We actually had time to wander and get lost in the ancient streets without having to worry about the cruise ship leaving without us.

Athens still isn’t our favorite city in the world, but it was still fun to get a second chance to explore it further! I guess it does have it’s own type of charm :)

Where we stayed:
SOHO Hotel – It was definitely not a bad hotel for what it was (barely a step up from a hostel) and it was way affordable. It was in a SUPER shady part of town though. You definitely got a sense that you reeeally didn’t want to be out alone after dark. And if you stay there, be prepared with a stash of snacks. There aren’t any convenient food shops nearby and when it’s 10pm and you’re ravenously hungry it’s a long and lonely walk to the nearest market! Did I mention it was a great price though?


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  2. Jennifer says:

    You got some wonderful pictures of Athens! We’re actually staying here for a month. You can find many more wonderful things about this city during a longer visit, but I understand it certainly does have a “gritty” side! Happy Travels
    Jennifer recently posted…Athens Off The Beaten Track Walking TourMy Profile

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