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Just one photo please?

Whenever I take Khoren’s monthly photos of course Lily has to be right there where the action is. I always have high hopes of catching the perfect adorable sibling photo, but this is how it usually goes:

“Hi there Lily! Can you sit right next to Khoren for just a second?”

“Awwww! That’s great! What a good big sis….. no wait!”


“Nooooooo! Don’t push him please! Ok let’s try again.”


“Can you please scoot a little closer? Please? Pretty please? Ok. I’ll give you two pretzels if you put your butt next to his butt and look at the camera.”


“Ok close enough. Khoren! Khoren buddy! Heeeeeey! Be happy happy happy!”

“Smiles plllllleaaaaase!?”


Khoren tries to roll away.

Lily, screaming: “Mommy said pretzels Khoren!”


“”Ack! Ok Lily! Thank you for hugging Khoren! You can have your pretzels now. Please don’t squish him!”

“Let’s maybe try a new position. Tummy time!”

“Ummm… maybe in the crib together would be cute?”

And finally…..

“Ah hah! I GOT ONE! The shot that will live in infamy on Instagram! The photo worthy of the baby books that we will look back on and tell you all about how much you loved each other as siblings! The shot that proves I am a triumphant mother and… GAH! Ok fine…Stop shouting. I’ll let you go. You can get out and go play now.”

Me: Lies down on the floor with sweaty armpits and deep breathes for a minute or two.

::end scene::

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

You know how before you have kids you have all these mental pictures of what it will be like when you have them? Little picture-perfect snapshots of how idyllic you imagine having an adorable family of your own will be?

Obviously, reality is much more full of tantrums and boogers. But last Sunday afternoon was one of those snapshot days for me.

Lily has been asking to fly a kite for ages, so after church Chris took her out to the sheep field behind our house to attempt a go at it. I glanced out the window and saw a view that fulfilled all my wildest dreams about having kids. The perfect blue sky, the green grass, the warm wind that was JUST strong enough to get the kite in the air and still allow a little kid to hold the string, Lily holding on as hard as she could with the biggest smile on her face, Chris dad-ing so hard as he helped get the kite in the air. It was a scene straight out of all my parenting dreams and definitely one of the top 10 most adorable things I’ve ever seen!



The next day at dinner we were back to normal, with Lily hysterically cracking herself up over her discovery that she could make loud and convincing fart noises with her milk cup. But hey, there must be balance to the universe, right? :)

Family of 4!

(The two photos above are adorable, but they were highly bribed with Oreo cookies. Lily was still iffy about her baby brother…)

Khoren Comes Home

After the traditional three days in the hospital, Khoren and I came home!


TWO kids in the backseat. WHAT?? That was a surreal moment…

Welcome home baby Khoren!

Enjoying his thumb and rocking some pink.


After a test in the hospital we were thrilled that Khoren didn’t have jaundice like Lily did. Turns out we celebrated too soon and his bilirubin levels jumped after we got him home. Little dude had to soak up as much sun as we could get in Norway in February. Luckily, his levels went down much quicker than Lily’s. 

I feel like this photo sums up my motherhood experience those first few days. Toys everywhere, a newborn on my lap and a toddler clambering all over me whenever she could. It was definitely not the calm, peaceful days full of nursing and Netflix that I remember from when Lily first came home!

Misc Pre-baby fun

Lily working on her bike skills

Making pizza with Daddy

Belly twins!

Beach date with Mommy

Artist at work