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Mommy and Lily’s morning strolls


Oh sleep. Why are you so precious and yet so elusive these days? I knew sleep was a major topic in the world of babies, but I had no idea HOW completely and utterly devastating it is (both physically and emotionally) when you can’t figure it out. We’ve spent the last 6 months trying to figure out how to get Lily on a good sleep schedule. We’ve made enormous strides in nighttime sleep but naps are still all over the map and lately she’s been in a wake-up-at-the-unholy-crack-of-dawn phase.


In order to encourage a long first nap we’ve been going on a lot of morning walks. Whether it is successful on any given day is hit or miss, but the late summer/early autumn weather has been lovely and I’ve really enjoyed bundling Lily up in her wrap and exploring our neighborhood with her.


We finally found a walking path from our house to a beach!



Lily is fascinated by sheep. Well…any animal really, but sheep are in good supply around these parts. A little while ago a bird migration flew through the area and she couldn’t stop staring wide-eyed as the big black cloud of birds undulated in and out of the fields chirping loud enough to wake the dead.



Misc August
Just a few (ok fine…a lot of) favorite photos from August:

Beets are scary looking when they are all cut up. 
Lily is obsessed with mirrors. Every time we pass the one in the halls at church she gets so excited!
Waiting for mom and dad to PLEASE be done talking so she can go home. It apparently starts young.
These are not chocolate waffles. Whoops….


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Lily’s First *Real* Beach Day
Lily has been to the beach many times before for walks/naps in her wrap, but this was her first outing where she was actually aware she was somewhere new and different. She sat in the sand for the first time (and miraculously didn’t eat it!) but really enjoyed trying to pick it up in her hands. She adorably got a little concerned when we buried her feet and cried when we got ambitious and optimistic about summer and dipped her toes in the ocean. Too cold!


Grandma is back!
Moms sure are amazing. I was having a bit of a breakdown at the beginning of August because of a combination of wedding cake season, a scheduling issue at work (we overbooked ourselves on a week when half our staff was on summer holiday! Aaah!) and Chris’ upcoming camping trip with the youth. Mom could tell I was barely hanging in there on Skype and within a few days she had bought flights to come help with Lily for the last few weeks of wedding season.
Did I already mention moms are amazing? Because they really really are!
We didn’t get to do much outside of the bakery because of my crazy work schdeule, but Mom and Lily tagged along on a particular long delivery to Bakernes Paradis and we ended up having a gorgeous afternoon near the fjords eating waffles and homemade bread and artisan peach soda from the cafe at the wedding venue. Summer days were rare this year so we soaked it up while we could!

We sure love Grandma Osborn!

A Word from the Bird: Intruder
Hello. It’s me Skittles the bird.


Chelsea and Chris get asked all the time, “How is Skittles handling the new addition to the family?” I’ll answer this for you:


I dislike that stinky wiggly thing.


Chelsea tried to get me used to the idea of having a baby around before she was born by buying me a doll to hang out with, but I tell you… a doll is nothing like an actual living breathing tiny human. For one thing, a doll doesn’t make sounds. A baby makes A LOT of sounds and I don’t like any of them. I’m pretty chillaxed if the baby is silent, but if it is making sounds it is obviously untrustworthy.


It also gets ALL the attention. I used to be the baby of the family, but now I only get to come out to play during nap time or after bed. Chelsea says it’s because I get too defensive and territorial when the baby makes noises and I need to learn to control my temper, but whatever. I know when I’ve been unfairly demoted.

Why couldn’t it come out as an automatic 10 year old? Yes… 10 years olds are nice. I like 10 year olds. Babies grow fast, right?