Chillin’ in Naxos

I think if we were planning this trip all over again, in hindsight we would have been sorely tempted to just stay on Naxos the entire week. I can totally see now why, when others talk about Greek island hopping, they plan for months at a time and some never leave. It doesn't get much better than breakfast alfresco next to the bright blue Meditteranean Sea with nowhere to go but the beach!
A few observations about Naxos:
  • We picked Naxos after researching the Cyclades Islands because it claimed to be the most lush of all of them. I think in this case “lush” is relative.
  • The farther you get from the main touristy spots the more naked people get. The Naxians sure like to feel the breeze around their nethers…that's all I have to say.
  • There isn't a lot to do on Naxos besides relax and eat good food. There are a few ruins, but they are far inland and from the postcards we saw they didn't seem worth visiting. Shopping is limited, and there isn't much in the way of snorkling, diving, or other water sports. It's really great in that way though because you really can just sit and relax without feeling like you are missing out on something exciting elsewhere. A perfect place for me and Chris! I can actually chill without getting antsy about seizing the day and seeing it all, and Chris actually gets to relax without me pretending to relax, but really just dragging him off the beach on on to some adventure elsewhere :)
  • Be prepared to drink A LOT of bottled water. While the tap water is technically potable, it tastes pretty bad. And that's coming from a girl who grew up on Vegas tapwater!
  • There were definite perks to going during the off-season. We basically had the hotel and beach to ourselves. The restaurants weren't crowded. Everything was just chill. The one downside is a lot of the menu items weren't available. The theme of the trip became, “We no have.” The food they did have though… delicious!


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