Chris = 30 = Awesome

Last Wednesday Christopher Jon Hill reached the 30th anniversary of his birth. Whoo-hoo!

He’s pretty much the hottest 30 year old around.


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And I love him :)


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The special birthday dinner you see before you is my attempt at a copycat burrito from Cafe Rio in Provo. The pork was mouthwateringly delicious! (shhh…the secret ingredient is Coke…) But unfortunately the rest of the burrito was really good…just not Cafe Rio really good. Darn them in their secret deliciousness! We will continue tweaking it until we no longer have to fly halfway across the world to eat our second favorite Mexican food. (Our first favorite is The Red Iguana…but its cochinita pibil is the quality Johnny Depp would kill the chef for (Anybody? Once Upon a Time in Mexico?) and therefore surpasses any hope of creating a copycat recipe, so we’ll just have to enjoy it when we come home to visit.)


Oh…and of course what birthday of Chris’ would be complete without watching this song by Julie Walton?



Answer: None.


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  1. […] Why? Because he was super surprised by his super surprise party on the Friday after his real birthday! […]

  2. […] I decided to forgo the surprise party this year. Mostly because I used up all of my tricks on his party last year and now that Chris is on to me there is no way I’d be able to pull it off this year. So we […]

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