Christmas 2013

We got “settled” into our new apartment just in time for Christmas. (Why does it seem like we’re always either moving or traveling during Christmas time? We really need to stop that. It’s much too stressful.)


We still didn’t have any living room or dining room furniture (our “couch” was a pile of pillows in a corner and our “table” was an upturned moving box), and we were nowhere near being upacked, but we unearthed our decoration boxes and decked the halls for Christmas anyway.

Including our tree :)

I found a tutorial on Pinterest on how to take sparkly Christmas tree photos. I had some fun testing it out :)
And of course, the annual church Christmas concert. I was in charge of the decorations again this year and with a LOT of help from Carrie and Anita it turned out pretty fun!
Chris performed “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” with our bishop’s daughter, Anna, complete with full instrumental accompaniment and backup singers. One of these days I’m going to have to track down a video recording of the performance, because it was just darling! The ward has been a little obsessed with Chris’ deep voice ever since.
Since we weren’t traveling anywhere for Christmas this year, we were exposed to some more Norwegian Christmas traditions. One of our new favorites is ‘ribbe’ (roasted pork ribs) which is a traditional Christmas dinner in Eastern Norway. Our friends, Grethe and Leidulf, had us over for ribbe one evening and it was oh-my-gosh-delicious!
And oh yeah! It snowed! Fresh snow is such a magical way to get into the Christmas mood. We were hoping it would last until Christmas Day, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. We were happy to get one last snowy shot from our old apartment’s view before it all melted away.
We’re really learning to love Christmas in Norway!



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