Fira, Santorini

The next day we checked out of our hotel and headed to the town of Fira. Chris and Michi weren't feeling well (possibly the result of the GIANT gyro the night before) so they opted to chill on the beach with the baby while Chris and I went exploring.
And oh boy…Santorini is an incredible place to go exploring! It's the equivalent of the McDonald's Playplace for adults. Colorful, winding streets, something new and exciting around every bend, I'm still a little obsessed!
Mmm….gyro. Pretty much all we ate the whole trip.
See that backpack? It's me pretending to be hardcore backpacking through Europe. I'm quite proud that it contained everything I brought to Greece. It's hard to be an actual Euro-backpacker though when you're the only one in your group with a backpack. It looks awesome, but I was really just a big poser ;)
It started because all my research for the trip was conducted on backpacker blogs and the whole idea of backpacking the Greek Isles was romanticized in my mind. I couldn't convince anyone else, but I was determined! The backpack proved it's worth multiple times throughout the trip, but particularly on this day as we had to check out of our hotel early and then had to haul the luggage around the rest of the day up and down the cobblestone streets and concrete stairs. We could go anywhere, my backpack and I. By the end of the day I was sold on backpack luggage and will likely be using one more frequently in the future. European cities just weren't built for,carrying luggage. Maybe I just need to go on a traditional backpacking-through-Europe trip and get it out of my system. Who's with me? :)

The view towards the other side of the island where we stayed.
We decided that if we ever come back to Santorini, we will fork over the extra cost to stay in a caldera-view hotel (we stayed in a more budget-friendly hotel on the back side of the island). After seeing the killer vistas these places had, we decided some things are worth it. If you are going to visit Santorini, you might as well go all out. Because really…. Look at this hot tub:
I could explore Santorini for years.

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    We’ll go with you!

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