From downtown to farmtown.


By the way… we now live on a sheep farm. We went for the extremes with this move: center of the city to the middle of farmland. The first time I took the bus home from work, it went like this:


Chris: “Where are you? Weren’t you supposed to be home already? It’s already well after dark.”


Chelsea: “Ummm.. not sure. I got off at the right bus stop according to Google, but now I’m lost in a field somewhere. Not sure what happened.”


Chris: “Can you head back to the road? I’ll bring the car and come get you.”


Chelsea: “I honestly have no idea where the road is. It disappeared a while back. According to my phone I’m still on track though and I think there are houses up ahead, so hopefully I’ll make it home soon. Unless I get eaten by wild sheep.”


Chris: “Well…if that happens, know that I love you.”

I did make it home eventually, albeit covered in mud and hay. We have since found a much better route to the bus stop.


Also, no lie, the second week after moving in I passed a team of sled dogs pulling a four-wheeler down the road. I may have almost caused an accident with my excitement.


Toto, we sure aren’t in Kansas anymore.



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  1. O-Dad says:

    Ha ha! A way-cool customer you are. And I’ll bet you didn’t even have to whistle. :D

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