Happy Birthday America, Carrie and Erin!

It’s always strange celebrating American holidays here in Norway. Even though there are a lot of Americans here, it just doesn’t feel the same celebrating it outside of your own country where EVERYONE is BBQing, swimming, sporting red/white/blue, eating pies, watching parades and prepping for dusk and the impending fireworks. Pass any Norwegian on the street and they don’t know it’s a special day. The 4th is definitely a day that makes me miss the U.S. We Americans sure know how to have a patriotic holiday!

We got together with a bunch of American friends (and one honorary American friend) to celebrate the 4th with a mocktail night. It was also a celebration of Carrie and Erin’s upcoming birthdays. It was also the Yates’ last week living in Norway so it was also a farewell hurrah for them. Lots of reasons to come together and have food and mocktails.

The idea for a mocktail came from Barrett, as his “5th dream job is to be a bartender.” We also had hors d’oeuvres, American flag cake, and a giant pizookie with ice cream. Erin even managed to locate some poppers so we could have our own little “firework” celebration. God bless the U.S.A!

Crostini with goat cheese and bacon-onion jam.
Caprese bites.
It’s not Independence Day without fruit made to look like a flag!
Kjetil: Our honorary American
Happy Birthday America, Carrie and Erin!!
Aaah friends :)
Note the two babies in the photo. Little stinkers WOULD NOT sleep and after hiding in the back rooms trying to get them down and missing the party, we finally just gave up and let them join the festivities. Why is baby sleep so fleeting and elusive?
Chris and Kjetil modeling what the sky looks like at midnight these days.
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