Hill Thanksgiving 2013

We’re really digging this two-Thanksgiving thing. I think it needs to happen every year.
Twice the turkey.
Twice the pie.

The rest of our time in the States was much more chill. Most of the siblings left after “Thanksgiving” so when the time came for actual Thanksgiving, we just lazy-ed around and avoided doing much of anything besides enjoying our time spent with family. We hot tubbed with friends, ate cake with cousins, and of course, saw Frozen on the big screen.

As our two-week whirlwind of a trip came to a close, we headed home to Norway, ready to officially move into our new apartment!


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2 Responses
  1. O-Dad says:

    Great photos to remind us of fun memories! Thanks. Mom

  2. O-Dad says:

    Don’t know why this reappeared in our In box, but thank you! It made me smile MUCHO, all over again. :-) Love, O-Dad

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