It’s beginning to look a lot like December

Not going to lie, I was happy to see November end. It was way too stressful and I was excited to get Christmas underway.

The biggest thing of note was the birth class Chris and I took from Stavanger Birth & Baby. This was hands down the best pre-birth decision we made in regards to this pregnancy. We were recommended to Wendy as a doula and when we contacted her about her services she recommended that we take her birth class before we decide if we want/need her doula services. We’d been wanting to find an English birthing class anyway since most of the ones offered in town are, naturally, in Norwegian so we signed ourselves up. It turned out to be a pretty intensive course. There were 5 separate days of classes: A labor skills class (which was really just a yoga-for-birth class, but they left out the yoga part in the description so as to not scare away husbands. I’m glad Chris enjoys yoga :) ), a 2-day traditional birth class, a breastfeeding class, and a tour of the hospital. Every single part of it was unbelievably useful and made both me and Chris feel SO much more prepared for this whole experience. The way Wendy taught the class was so empowering and educational and when the class was all over we actually felt like we could rock this whole birth thing. If anyone reading this is living in Stavanger and is pregnant, I would HIGHLY recommend this birth course!

Anyway, here’s the rest of December via pictures:


Slikkepotten’s Christmas card photo. On the left is Astrid, our super cute intern, and on the right is Lynne, the girl we hired to replace me while I go on maternity leave for 3 months. I can’t believe we actually have a team now! 
Frost on the window of our car one chilly morning.
We don’t often sell cupcakes for take-away at Slikkepotten, but we made an exception for Christmas. 
Picking out our Christmas tree.


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