Just one photo please?

Whenever I take Khoren’s monthly photos of course Lily has to be right there where the action is. I always have high hopes of catching the perfect adorable sibling photo, but this is how it usually goes:

“Hi there Lily! Can you sit right next to Khoren for just a second?”

“Awwww! That’s great! What a good big sis….. no wait!”


“Nooooooo! Don’t push him please! Ok let’s try again.”


“Can you please scoot a little closer? Please? Pretty please? Ok. I’ll give you two pretzels if you put your butt next to his butt and look at the camera.”


“Ok close enough. Khoren! Khoren buddy! Heeeeeey! Be happy happy happy!”

“Smiles plllllleaaaaase!?”


Khoren tries to roll away.

Lily, screaming: “Mommy said pretzels Khoren!”


“”Ack! Ok Lily! Thank you for hugging Khoren! You can have your pretzels now. Please don’t squish him!”

“Let’s maybe try a new position. Tummy time!”

“Ummm… maybe in the crib together would be cute?”

And finally…..

“Ah hah! I GOT ONE! The shot that will live in infamy on Instagram! The photo worthy of the baby books that we will look back on and tell you all about how much you loved each other as siblings! The shot that proves I am a triumphant mother and… GAH! Ok fine…Stop shouting. I’ll let you go. You can get out and go play now.”

Me: Lies down on the floor with sweaty armpits and deep breathes for a minute or two.

::end scene::

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