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Wanna know why there haven’t been any updates on this blog in over two weeks? Because I have been working on Chelsea’s Cool Cakes’ website, which is also using WordPress, and it just took too much energy to switch between accounts. True story.


Lots has been happening though so I thought I’d exert myself and type in the required login and password to give you a quick run-down of the most major stuff:

  • I started officially baking out of my bakery last week! There have been a lot of kinks to work out, it being a huge change in routine and systems and all…. but so far so good! More updates on that will follow soon.
  •  Chris was in the Czech Republic last week doing a super crazy awesome Civilian Pre-Deployment Training. They had to wear armor, learn how to probe for landmines, and even got kidnapped and roughed up by “infidels”. All in a day’s work.
  • Even though the weather is still in the 30’s and the pond outside our house is still frozen, it has been sunny for an entire week and that, combined with me getting all my cake stuff out of the house, has thrown us into über spring-cleaning mode. And I mean ÜBER!

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  1. Awful square toilet in our hotel room in Oslo
  2. Great pillow seen in a shop window downtown
  3. Finished painting!
  4. Seemingly never-ending trips to Ikea
  5. Beautiful hand-piped pepperkake (Norwegian gingerbread) at the cake show in Oslo
  6. Hot dogs with fried onions wrapped in a pancake. Norway style.
  7. Sunny days!!
  8. Lovely Anna making us pizza
  9. My life these days…
  10. Skittles flat out refusing to come out of her carrier to get her nails trimmed at the vet
  11. Getting kidnapped by some baddies.
  12. Armor
  13. Survival training
  14. Spring is coming!


That’s all for now! HAPPY EASTER!!!

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  1. Jon says:

    Ha ha! I remeber a toilet like that at the Columbia Hotel in Munich back in 1983. Probably designed by someone who was tired of people hanging out for too long in the bathroom. Maybe it’s a German design, left over from WWII…or WWI…or maybe the dark ages.

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