Life Lately – November Edition

I read a great analogy a while ago:

Instagram is to a photographer as a sketchpad is to a painter.

I knew there was a reason I loved Instagram! Instagram basically takes away all of the artistic decisions a photographer must make and the only real choice left to you is composition. It’s great practice and I love it!

So without further ado, here are some of the latest snapshots of our life:

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1 – 2: TCSE (The Coolest Sheehans Ever) hosted a Murder Mystery dinner party a little while ago. This one was set in Ancient Rome. Chris was Bogus Fortunatus: Entrail-reading seer-turned-pop sensation and I was Cleptopatra: Thieving queen of the Nile.

3. Bruleeing the heck out of the creme brulee!

4. Taco pizzas

5-6: Early Christmas present from our fellow Walking Dead-lovers Josh and Kolie!

7. Donated cupcakes for Prosjekt Pupp (translated: “Project Boob”) – a local breast cancer awareness fundraiser

8. Norwegian-style hot dogs (wrapped in bacon complete with sour cream/mayo sauce and fried onions!)

9-12: It snowed BIG time this past week. You’d be surprised, considering this is Norway an’ all, but it doesn’t really snow a ton in Stavanger. I’m pretty sure we got more snow this past weekend than we did all of last winter. And it has been FREEZING! Our floor heating in our house hasn’t been able to keep up with the cold and it’s been rather nippy. I had to put an electric hot pad on top of Skittle’s cage to keep the poor little thing from getting icy feet. She won’t stay on my shoulder more than 10 minutes before asking to go back to her cage to snuggle up on her hot pad. On the worst day, we both took a nap in the bathroom because for some reason it stays toasty warm in there. Also, this morning we were out of milk and I didn’t have the courage to bundle up to go outside, so I ate my cereal with half & half. It’s been a little pathetic :) I miss Chris and his warmness to hug and snuggle up to at night, even though he may or may not have forgotten to put our winter tires on before he left for Germany (thank goodness for home teachers!)

But gosh, Stavanger sure is beautiful in the snow!

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