Lily turns 2!

I CANNOT believe my little girl is so grown up already! We kept her birthday simple this year because of pregnancy, jet lag, and the insanity of Christmas in the US so we celebrated with just the three of us. We wanted to put the focus all on Lily because we knew it would be one of our last big family events before little brother arrived to steal the show. In fact, their due dates were a day apart so we were praying that the baby wouldn’t come on her birthday. When we reached the point in the evening where we knew even if labor started he would still be born the next day we both heaved a big sigh of relief! Lily gets to keep her special day all to herself :)

I made her special birthday pancakes with rainbow sprinkles for breakfast, she went to barnehage so they could celebrate with her there (she got a special handmade birthday crown that she refused to take off and subsequently left a trail of glitter all over the house wherever she went), we looked at the photos from the day she was born together, did a bunch of her favorite things (read books, dance to music, color, build with blocks) and we had a birthday dinner of Thai salmon with coconut rice and strawberry-banana cream pie for dessert! I had originally asked her what her very favorite food was that she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner and she said, “Oatmeal!!” This girl loves her oatmeal and could literally eat it for every meal of the day without getting sick of it. And at this point she already was eating it almost every morning for breakfast so we opted for slightly fancier salmon, which we knew was pretty high up on her favorites list too. Dessert was strawberry-banana cream pie because Lily LOVES berries. Any and all kinds. Oh, and rainbow sprinkles again, because she was (and still is) a little obsessed with her “birthday sprinkles!”


(Full disclosure… I bought this cupcake instead of baking it. Sorry Lily! Super-pregnant exhausted mamma didn’t have time or energy to bake a single cupcake and since the bakery is closing I couldn’t just grab one from there. There ARE certain things I will miss about owning the bakery and easy access to leftover cake at almost any time is high on that list! But thankfully she didn’t notice or care :) and I DID add the rainbow sprinkles!)

“I’m two years old!”

We sure love you little girl! I’m so happy I get to be your mommy! You are such a joy!

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