Aaaaaaaalmost Spring = grilled hotdogs by a waterfall. We’re so ready for summer!


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Yay J-Dawgs special sauce!

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  1. Brian Hill says:

    Who’s that arabian guy you’re with!? I thought you married my brother!

  2. Shannon says:

    HOW did you get J-Dawg’s Special Sauce?!? Jared and I were just talking about it, wondering if we can purchase some from them at their store. But how did you get it in Norway? :)

  3. ChrisandChelsea says:

    You can buy it at their store! I bought the largest one they had when I was home last summer and brought it back with me as a surprise for Chris. We’re almost out though! Good thing we’re coming home in a few weeks :)

    • The Mom says:

      Chelsea, tell the whole story about getting J-Dawg’s Special Sauce. As you’ll remember, the store wasn’t even open!!!

      • ChrisandChelsea says:

        Oh yeah! So, I had promised Chris I would bring him home some J-Sauce when I was in the States last summer. We went to J-Dawgs on our last day in Utah, only to find out they were closed! I was devastated! Then we spotted a lady going to and from the back entrance and her car, so I walked up to her and explained that I was living in Norway and really really wanted to bring back J-Sauce and asked if there was anything she could do so I could buy a bottle. She went inside to ask her brother, the owner, and then he came out with a GIANT bottle of sauce and gave it to me on the house. It was a summer miracle and made me love them even more :)

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