Meatless Monday

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  1. James White says:

    You should also look into eggplant parmesan. I find it just as good as chicken parm, and eggplant is actually quite good!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Hold on, I have a few questions… What are you doing in Norway? Did you just want to live there? How long are you staying? Do you have an internet business? Are you trying to learn Norwegian? What made you choose Norway? How do you spend your days? Who do you make cakes for? Im a little lost! Can you do an “answers” post?

  3. Brian Hill says:

    You know, I have my Mexican favorite which is just tortillas, refried beans (the real stuff, no cans allowed), avocado, and salsa and maybe some quesadillas to go allong. But that is my Mexican craving, I don’t know about you Norwiegeners.

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