Meet Skittles

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I’m Skittles. Since I’m the latest addition to the Hill household I decided I needed to have a voice on this blog.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a parrot. Specifically a Sun Conure.

Chelsea got me when she was 12 and I was 4 weeks old. She’s now (almost) 24 and I’m 12. I’ll probably live to be 30.

I like treats, orange juice, apples and bread. Lots of bread. Bread bread bread. But not vegetables. Ew gross.

I’m loud and I love to dance, climb all over stuff, and shred paper.

I recently had the biggest adventure of my entire life! I was living at home with Chelsea’s mom and dad in Las Vegas when Chelsea came home (yay!!) and packed me up in a brand new kennel. It was pretty swanky with windows on all sides and a perch and everything! I got to go to the airport where I saw all sorts of new things and new people. I love new people.

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Then I got put on a plane. I didn’t like that much. It was chilly and dark and my ears popped a lot. It made me cry just a little. But then I fell asleep and before I knew it, I was in Norway!

After getting off the plane I got poked and prodded by the customs vet. I didn’t like that either and bit her a little. She deserved it.

THEN we got on a train! (Told you this was a big adventure!) I liked the train ride much better than the plane. I got to sit with my cover off and watch everything pass by the windows and people kept coming up to play with me.

We finally arrived at my new home in Stavanger. I experienced this weird thing called jet lag and fell asleep at weird times for the next week. There were also lots of strange, new noises and smells and it doesn’t get dark when it’s supposed to. It stressed me out and I plucked out all the feathers on my neck. I do that when I’m nervous.

But then my big cage arrived in the mail FINALLY so now that I’m finally adjusted and in my normal cage I think I’m starting to like it here in Norway. Plus, Chelsea gives me lots of extra treats. I think she’s feels a bit guilty about putting me through such a crazy adventure!


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I had to make sure Chris was putting my cage together correctly.

Overall, I’m highly entertaining and Chelsea and Chris love me. Well…Chelsea loves me. Chris tolerates me. But I love Chris anyway  (He’s actually my very favorite in the whole entire family…but shhh, don’t tell Chelsea)”

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  1. Shannon says:

    I love the narration! I’m glad things seem to be settling down as you guys are finally settling in!

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