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Aside from our little holiday break for Constitution day, not much happened in May besides a whole lot of work for me and Chris, both at our respective jobs and at home with Lily, but here are some of the photos we managed to take:


Busy busy busy at the bakery during the start of our high season. So many cakes, so few hours in a day…
Our intern, Astrid, and just some of the sugar flowers ready and waiting for their cakes.
Baby-wearing daddies are so sexy :)
Chris took Lily out for a walk so I could get some Slikkepotten work done at home uninterupted, but it was such a rare sunny day that I brought the car to pick the up and joined them for the last few minutes.
Lily caught her first bug. Stuffy nose to the max! Poor little thing! This thing pretty much saved all of our sanities.
Discovering her fingers.
Tummy time on Mommy’s knees is far superior to tummy time on the floor.
Mommy-daughter selfies. (Yes…it’s still cold enough in the middle of May for Lily to be wearing that bear suit. Norway…)
Last, but not least, one of my very favorite photos of Lily to date! Somebody is not sure what she thinks of The Lion King soundtrack.



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