Misc September

September was almost as busy as August when it came to cakes and working at the bakery. Wedding season was still in full swing, although thankfully it was the tail end of it and things were starting to wind down. However, at Slikkepotten, when cake orders wind down classes start winding up! We had some great courses in September, including a few with guest teacher Sweet Sugarboy Ed, the winner of the first season of “Cake Wars” here in Norway.
New shipment of supplies and cake pans all ready to be filled with batter.
Our “special” station wagon needs a lot of tender loving care, which fortunately Chris is able to provide. Here he is disconnecting the power window in the back seat so that the window doesn’t constantly fall down and let in the rain anymore. I sure love my handyman :)
Skittles chillin’ in the shower.
To start preparing Skittles for the new little one in our life we took a leaf out of all the parenting books and bought her a baby doll to start getting her used to her new little “sibling”. (Just to clarify, I usually find it silly when people refer to their kids and pets as siblings, but in the case of Skittles it really is exactly like preparing a 2 year old for the baby so it’s hard to find another word for it. We’re slowly turning into “those” people…)
Unfortunately, the first meeting didn’t go well. See those spread tail feathers? That’s her attack position. She’s not really a fan of kids so we have our work cut out for us…
Sweet Sugarboy Ed teaching us how to make his stunning sugar roses and peonies!


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