North Sea Surfers

The day before New Years Eve the sun came out.

It was a pretty big deal.

Blue sky and no rain for an ENTIRE day!

So what did Jenn and I do to celebrate such a rare sunny day?

We threw on some 6mm wetsuits and went surfing, duh!

Neither of us are very good surfers and the winter waves were a bit too strong for our little beginner selves. But we caught a few baby waves close to shore and still had a blast.

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Wetsuit, surfboard, snowboots.

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It was so blasted cold…

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3 Responses
  1. Brian Hill says:

    So THIS is what Chelsea does while Chris is at work. haha

    • ChrisandChelsea says:

      Actually…Chris wasn’t at work for this one. He was invited…but he thought we were crazy because it was too cold ;)

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