Oia, Santorini, Greece

Next up on on our island-hopping adventure was Santorini! You can't really visit the Greek islands without going to Santorini. From what we've seen it's second only to the Acroplis as far as defining landmarks go. It's EXACTLY what you picture Greece to be too. Bright white buildings clinging to cliffs with their cerulean blue roofs, windmills blowing in the sea breeze, and fresh seafood restaurants everywhere you turn. Only with more tourists than locals.

The ferry ride from Naxos was almost 3 hours, so we arrived just in time to find our hotel and start exploring before sunset. All the guidebooks (and tourist posters EVERYWHERE) said the town of Oia was the best place to watch the sunset, so that's where we headed for the evening.


“Explosion to your mouth!”

Oia is built right on the sheer cliffs overlooking the big sunken volcano that created Santorini. It was much more posh and ritzy than Naxos, definitely catering to the upper class tourists. It was also much more crowded, particularly right before sunset. Looks like everyone else read the same guidebooks we did. Go figure.

The town was spectacular though. It looked just like all the postcards you see from Greece! And despite the crowds, it was a pretty cool place to watch the sunset!

Glamour shots

We also found the best gyro pitas and baklava of the whole trip in Oia. The gyro place was right next to the main bus station and you could order GIANT gyros if you wanted. There we discovered that the best gyro pitas are the ones where the tzaziki sauce is put on the bottom before the meat. That way you get the perfect mix of meat and sauce and veggies as you are eating. I'm kicking myself for not writing down the name of the pastry shop we bought the baklava from, but it was seriously the best we found the entire time we were in Greece, and we ate a LOT of baklava. It was crispy and chewy at the same time and literally oozing with honey (great… here comes the drool again). Ah…so yummy :)


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  1. O-Dad says:

    Mmmmm! This Amerikan is much always liking fruit smoothie explosions to the mouth. So I think I will visit Santorini some day.

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