One day in Oslo

Since Lily is our little foreign baby, we had to take a trip to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo to get her birth certificate and passport squared away (FAQ answer: Lily is solely an American citizen. Norway doesn’t grant dual citizenship if both parents are foreigners). We had been to Oslo so many times previously and didn’t want to spend money on a hotel, so we booked flights there and back in the same day. That was a first for both of us!


I’m not going to lie, I felt SUPER cool going to the embassy. I don’t really know why (probably something to do with spy movies) but I was really excited. The embassy is considered American soil and I had in my head an image of a sleek building with ultra-shiny floors, people in black suits and discreet earpieces hurrying up and down the halls on confidential errands and a whole lot of this:


What it actually is is a very 1970s building that is the love child of airport security and a DMV. ::spy movie dreams crushed:: We got Lily’s documentation all settled after a few hours in the waiting room though and spent the rest of the day enjoying the parks in Oslo and eating BBQ ribs on the veranda of TGI Fridays, because AMERICA!

The park and duck pond in the backyard of the royal palace.
 Family selfie in Frogner Park


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  1. Becky says:


    yes i am reading past blog posts. love that little Norwegian baby of yours :)

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