Our household goods are on their way!!

Best news ever?? I think so!
We initially packed with the expectation that we’d get all our junk near the beginning of March….but we’ve had quite a few issues with the moving company. Namely, they significantly underestimated the weight and volume of our goods when they came to do the walk-through consultation and the final quote came in at almost a thousand pounds over the quote we initially gave to NATO. So we’ve spent the past little while  going between the moving company and NATO trying to work our a solution.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our move overseas it’s that things are never as simple as they seem.

But our stuff has officially left the storage unit as of yesterday and is hopefully speeding its way (safe and sound) across the US and then across the Atlantic.
If all goes well our goods will get here at the beginning of May. We’re  both very excited to get our clothes! We’ve been wearing the same ones over and over it seems (Apologies to all our new friends :) ) and my shoes are on their last legs from walking so much in the same pair everyday. Good times :)

This is yet another reason I’m super stoked for summer!

In other news, I wrote this on the bus from my phone :) Chris dubbed it “phlogging.”

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  1. Sofie says:

    You have ALL my sympathy!!! :)
    David is currently going thru the motions of our LEAST bad option of getting his stuff + dog across to Norway. ie take MY car and drive to scotland to get them! (flying the dog across, one way, a 1 hr flight, is $2,000!!!)
    He left Friday afternoon and got to his house at the early hours of this morning (2 am monday)… Broken down into: 12 hour ferry to Denmark, 3,5 hour drive, 8 hour wait, 18 hour ferry to Harwich in England, and what was supposed to be an 8 hour drive but due to two traffic accidents (none of which he was in thank heavens!) and a 30 mile detour/roadwork ended up being an 11 hour drive….
    I bet he’s really looking forward to doing the reversed trip in a weeks time… (4,5 hr drive to Newcastle, 15,5 hr ferry to Amsterdam, drive 9 hours thru Germany and Denmark, stay overnight in a hotel, catch 12 hour ferry to Stavanger…)

    I hope all your stuff arrives in “one piece” and that nothing gets lost on the way!! :)
    Let me know if there is anything you need to borrow in the meantime!! (shoes? ;o) )

    • admin says:

      Holy cow Sofie! That’s crazy! Poor David! Hopefully he’s able to get all of his stuff in one trip so he doesn’t ever have to do that again!
      Thanks for the offer on the shoes ;) You are so sweet!

      By the way…why in the world does it cost $2,000 to fly David’s dog into Norway?? I’m planning on flying my parrot back from the States when I go back to visit this summer and I’m really hoping it doesn’t cost that much!

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