The thing with the wet and sand.


Oh man is it tough to keep up with this blog! My only free time to write and edit photos is in the evening and more often than not by the time I get there my exhausted mommy brain can barely put a sentence together (Chris: “So what did you do today, love?” Me: “Did we stuff on the bouncy thing with friend what’s-her-name with the kid and then did the sucky-uppy thing. You know… on the floor. The….the…vacuum! That’s the word. What do you today?”) let alone write a blog post. I’ve once again given up trying to get “caught up” because that will definitely never happen so I have just decided to start afresh again with our weekend this week.


On Friday, Lily asked if we could go on a date “with Mommy and Lily and Daddy and Khoren” and the weekend was miraculously sunny so we decided to try and squeeze in one last “summer” day at Sola beach before fall officially rolls in. The leaves are already starting to change color in town, but there on the coast we could pretend not to notice and stockpile some Vitamin D. Plus, Chris is heading into another overtime/travel stretch at work so this might be the last casual family day we’ll get for a while. Good thing we enjoyed every minute of it!


Family of 4!

(The two photos above are adorable, but they were highly bribed with Oreo cookies. Lily was still iffy about her baby brother…)

Our cute little boy, 8 days old


Photos by DesireePhotography!

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Khoren Comes Home

After the traditional three days in the hospital, Khoren and I came home!


TWO kids in the backseat. WHAT?? That was a surreal moment…

Welcome home baby Khoren!

Enjoying his thumb and rocking some pink.


After a test in the hospital we were thrilled that Khoren didn’t have jaundice like Lily did. Turns out we celebrated too soon and his bilirubin levels jumped after we got him home. Little dude had to soak up as much sun as we could get in Norway in February. Luckily, his levels went down much quicker than Lily’s. 

I feel like this photo sums up my motherhood experience those first few days. Toys everywhere, a newborn on my lap and a toddler clambering all over me whenever she could. It was definitely not the calm, peaceful days full of nursing and Netflix that I remember from when Lily first came home!

Meeting Big Sister

After Chris helped me and Khoren get all set up in our hospital room (and after he gave me a much-needed nap/rest), he left to pick Lily up and bring her to meet her new baby brother.

We were really nervous about this first meeting. Up to this point, if I held another baby for even the briefest amount of time, Lily would melt down into a full scream session. We’d been reading her books about babies and being a big sister and she had a doll to baby herself but none of it seemed to be sinking in. We had stuffed animals ready to go as gifts (/peace offerings) between the two of them (a bunny from Khoren to Lily and a cow lovey that Lily picked out for Khoren herself). On the way to the hospital, Chris repeated what was going to happen over and over to her (“Baby brother is here! We are going to the hospital to meet him. His name is Khoren. Mommy will be holding Khoren. It’s ok that mommy holds Khoren. You love Khoren. It’s happy that mommy is holding Khoren! Khoren is very little. Khoren wants to meet big sister Lily! It’s ok that mommy is holding Khoren.” etc) Thankfully, it seemed to work!

While I wouldn’t say that Lily was excited by the new situation, she was at least cautiously intrigued by her new baby brother and there were no meltdowns over mommy holding him! She was curious about him and liked seeing his little fingers and nose. She seemed pretty pleased that she got to give him the cow she had picked out just for him, even if she was a little hesitant to actually let it go.

First photo as a family of four!

That first night in the hospital was the first night I’ve ever slept away from Lily. It was a bit tough to see her go knowing that my first little baby was so grown up already. That, plus the post-birth hormones and everything that goes with it, made me cry a bit. Our whole family dynamic had just changed and as I hugged Lily I already missed the special time we had together just the three of us these past 2 years. But the change is definitely for the better, because look at this cute little dude who will surely fit into our family like the perfect puzzle piece he is:

And, since the first meeting went MUCH better than expected, I’m excited to see Lily and Khoren’s sibling relationship grow over the years to come. I think Lily will blossom into a loving big sister before we know it.


She insisted on helping push Khoren’s bassinet everywhere we went, so I think that’s at least the start of good things to come :)