My mother has had a recurring nightmare since us kids were born about her loved ones falling from high places. We haven’t been able to go near sheer drops without her getting a severe case of the nerves. She even has a hard time looking at photos or videos of us near precipitous edges taken years ago (even precipitous edges with a 6 foot steel fense between us and the chasm ::cough::grandcanyonwhenIwasten::cough)

So, naturally, when they were in town we grabbed Dad and climbed to the tallest, most precipitous edge in the near vicinity to take some awesome photos for her to look at later!

Sorry Mom… It just couldn’t be passed up :)

It was a perfect day for the hike and Dad scaled that mountain like a boss! (We won’t talk about how the trail was renovated by Everest sherpas this summer to make the trip slightly easier… ;) )

Seriously though, it was so much fun to experience such epic vistas with the two most important men in my life.

(Look away now Mom!)

I am one lucky girl indeed!


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  1. O-Dad says:

    Oh my…. Yeah, I’m another one of those precipitous-edge-nightmares-persons. Tested it again last summer at the Flaming Gorge – Red Canyon overlook. Ewww. Not pretty. Strap me in a cockpit and I’ll fly aerobatics all day, but open-pits-into-hell? Not so much. :-/

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