“Pretend Spring” Is Not Actually Spring.

Chris and I are so ridiculously ready for spring. Enough with these dark Norwegian winter days! “Enough!” I say!  Spring seems to be coming to the rest of the world and it’s high time it appeared here too. All the signs of spring are here… but no actual spring. We’ve tried to ignore that fact, follow the signs, and pretend it’s spring anyway.

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For example, we’ve had two straight weeks with no rain AND lots of sunshine, but when we pulled our bikes out of storage to enjoy a sunny ride around Hundvåg island over Easter break we couldn’t ride long because the still-freezing temperatures froze our faces and fingers.

Tulips and Easter lilies are popping up in shops and seedlings for our future patio garden are sprouting and thriving on the windowsill, but not a single bud or blossom is to be found on the trees and bushes outside.

Asparagus is actually starting to taste good again, but although we power-washed our balcony, scrubbed down our Weber, and grilled up the first brats of the season to go with it, we were forced back inside by the bitter fjord wind when the sun dipped behind a building.

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Swimsuit-clad mannequins show off in all the store windows, but when we brought camp chairs to the beach to spend the morning reading in the sunshine and sand, we realized how much of a bummer it was that we didn’t bring thick blankets too.

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We even helped the JWC Sailing Club dust off the boats to be ready to launch for a summer of sailing, but on a trial run today it snowed.

So take note, no matter how desperate you are and no matter how hard you try… pretending it is Spring will not make it Spring.


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  1. The Mom says:

    Oh, but it is most definitely spriing here in the desert of Las Vegas and mountains of Southern Utah. Everything is green as far as you can see in Utah. In both places the trees are in bloom with blossoms popping and spring-green leaves growing. Plants are full of flowers blooming. And here in the desert it is 80+ degrees with a gentle, pleasant wind blowing to make it absolutely gorgeous. I’m wearing capris, a t-shirt and am barefoot. Your dad is taking a little nap while soaking in the sun pool side. In fact, the whole western U.S. is full into Spring.

    Just wanted you to know what you are missing as you freeze out there and contemplate extending your contract indefinitely. (smile)

  2. Tamara says:

    Lest you think all of western America is enjoying Spring, we woke up to snow this morning here in Utah…..again! This is the 2nd snow since your Mom wrote that she’s in capris, t-shirt and walking barefoot! So, we too are waiting for a real Spring so that I can pack away the coats and gloves and change out my wardrobe. ^_^ Hang in there. It’ll come. Now if Emma can just get over this bad cough and cold!!!

  3. Eric Peterson says:

    I just found your website. Wonderful! You are living my dream. I applied for the same job also back in 2010. Went for the interview but didn’t make the cut. Still holding out for another chance. Will check back later and take a look at your other posts. Makes me wish I was there.

  4. […] guys… I know my last post was all about the lack of spring… but this weekend spring has sprung! A lot can change in a […]

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