Who has four thumbs and is now officially certified Competent Crew in the Royal Yachting Association?

That’s right… C²!

Spending daily life surrounded by so much water among the fjords, I feel like the ocean is constantly calling out to us. Sooo corny, but really true! Luckily, this summer an opportunity opened up for us to take a 5-day sailing course on the JWC yacht, Aurelius II. Of course we jumped on it! Both the opportunity and the boat.  We spent the days out on the fjords sailing from harbor to harbor with another couple from NATO (Carl and Monica) and Andy, our RYA instructor/skipper. It was a freezing 5 days…but we learned how to tack, gybe, hoist, dock, goose swing, anchor, navigate, and tie knots and at the end came out of it certified Competent Crew members. We still have to get Day Skipper certified in order to take the yacht out on our own, but we are well on our way!


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  1. […] Remember last summer when Chris and I took a sailing course on the NATO yacht Aurelis II? This June, Chris took the next course and leveled up from Competant Crew to Day Skipper. Which means he's officially licensed to charter the Aurelius! He's decided he wants more practice before we take the boat out for a weekend by ourselves, but next season you better believe we'll be cruisin' all over these fjords! […]

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