Last week when Stavanger FINALLY got its first major snow of the season. It was rather exciting. So we grabbed Jenn (and her sleds) and went sledding!

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The Norwegian kids were the best!

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Sledding is just so happy :)

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You might have noticed the camera blatantly strapped to my forehead in most of the pictures. That’s the GoPro Hero Chris gave me for Christmas. It’s basically a camera that you can strap or stick on stuff to get awesome action shots. It’s the same camera we used to make the surfing video and I had grand plans to make a sledding video just like it, but the footage was all bumpy and jumbled (as if we were sliding down a big hill or something…) so I opted to just give you one little sample so you could sled with us :)


Happy Winter!

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2 Responses
  1. Mom says:

    What great, colorful, action, exciting shots. Great job!

  2. Michael says:

    I haven’t seen good snow in years, much less used it for good old-fashioned sledding. It makes me smile that you guys are getting such good use out of it.

    Just watched the surfing video for the first time too. One word: jealous. I wish I had all your skills, all of them. Then, I could be super powerful too.

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