Sometimes it's nice to deliberately not do anything touristy when traveling. To make a point to avoid seeing the sights and museums. To just take it slow and not try to hurry to fit in everything there is to experience in a short amount of time.

To just wander the streets of a city and eat ice cream and feed the birds.

To explore food markets and sample the pastries while sitting in front of old churches.

To hear a lady ask what kind of fish was in the fish soup and the stall owner respond, “No, there's no fish in this fish soup.”

To admire the crazy and unique live-aboard boats lining the canals and harbors.

To listen to street musicians and watch bridge fisherman haul in their catch.

To just enjoy being there.

We (particularly me) learned that lesson in Stockholm. Since our ward does this temple trip every summer, we are pretty sure we'll be going back. Therefore, when we took a break from the temple Friday evening to explore downtown Stockholm, there was no pressure to try and see all the stuff that the guidebooks say is a MUST see. (Although, full disclosure, we tried going to one museum, but chickened out when we saw the price of admission. Ice cream was much cheaper :) )

It was really nice to just be there.

(Note to self- next time at the top of my list is rent a kayak and tour the canals by water. That looked worth it!)


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  1. O-Dad says:

    Ahh. Then you must know how I LOVE to travel-by-wandering.

    Re the fish soup, I thought EVERYBODY knew that Andalusisk Fisksoppa has no fish in it! Those funny Spaniards are always faking people out. :-)

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