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Spaghetti Lily
Before I had a baby of my own, I thought photos of babies with food stuck all over themselves were gross. But like soooo many other things, once it’s your own:
baby + spaghetti = adorable and hilarious

She wasn’t dextrous enough to keep most of the noodles in her mouth long enough to gum them to death, but she managed to lick the tomato sauce off and sure seemed to enjoy it!

Lily’s first foods
A few days before she turned 6 months old, we let Lily officially try solid food for the first time (she’d snuck a few tastes here and there before). We are trying out the Baby Led Weaning method of introducing solid foods (basically skipping the purees and going straight for whole soft foods) and so far it’s going well. She went straight for the steamed carrot and while she didn’t actually swallow anything this first test she sure enjoyed the taste and texture! We’ll see how it goes in the coming months!

Watching Daddy eat his carrots to see how it’s done.


Om nom nom