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NAPLES: Cathedrals

One of my favorite parts of Italy were the cathedrals.

I was a bit of a nervous wreck a good portion of the time traveling around Italy alone. I found myself jumping out of my skin if a scooter passed me too quickly or if a toothless old man gave me the stare down as I passed his shop. It was always a great sigh of relief to come upon a cathedral and walk inside. It was like stepping into another world. Outside there was noise and crazy cars and purse snatchers, but inside was just pure beauty and a quiet, peaceful spirit. I went into as many as I could.

It struck me as a nice analogy how just as the cathedrals brought me comfort and solace in the craziness of a foreign land, my belief in Christ brings me the same comfort and peace in everyday life.

I also found it quite beautiful when an old Italian lady sitting in the pew across from mine gave me a small smile as I sat down on the squeaky bench. We were generations, cultures, and languages apart, but we shared a sort of bond that crossed all barriers because of our faith in our Savior.

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