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Misc September
September was almost as busy as August when it came to cakes and working at the bakery. Wedding season was still in full swing, although thankfully it was the tail end of it and things were starting to wind down. However, at Slikkepotten, when cake orders wind down classes start winding up! We had some great courses in September, including a few with guest teacher Sweet Sugarboy Ed, the winner of the first season of “Cake Wars” here in Norway.
New shipment of supplies and cake pans all ready to be filled with batter.
Our “special” station wagon needs a lot of tender loving care, which fortunately Chris is able to provide. Here he is disconnecting the power window in the back seat so that the window doesn’t constantly fall down and let in the rain anymore. I sure love my handyman :)
Skittles chillin’ in the shower.
To start preparing Skittles for the new little one in our life we took a leaf out of all the parenting books and bought her a baby doll to start getting her used to her new little “sibling”. (Just to clarify, I usually find it silly when people refer to their kids and pets as siblings, but in the case of Skittles it really is exactly like preparing a 2 year old for the baby so it’s hard to find another word for it. We’re slowly turning into “those” people…)
Unfortunately, the first meeting didn’t go well. See those spread tail feathers? That’s her attack position. She’s not really a fan of kids so we have our work cut out for us…
Sweet Sugarboy Ed teaching us how to make his stunning sugar roses and peonies!


A little bit of August

After Chris’ family left August mellowed out a bit.

Well… I guess mellowed out is relative. I got back into wedding season full swing at work, so not much happened apart from cake, cake, CAKE!

Here are a few highlights from the month when I wasn’t up my elbows in frosting:

  Chris on a beautiful sailing day taken by a co-crew member.

The only photo of my vegetable garden this summer.
Check out the bottom left corner. Potatoes! I managed to grow some potatoes in leftover compost bags this year and got the biggest kick every single time I tipped over a bag and out came rolling little golden balls of potato. I felt SO Little House on the Prairie :)
Other successes this year: radishes (as always), rainbow carrots (finally got them to grow long rather than little stubby nubbins), regular orange carrots, green beans (accidentally planted bush beans instead of pole beans, and holy cow did we get beans! We had to give some to our neighbors to keep up with them all!), and spinach.
Other non-successes this year: Broccoli (again), brussels sprouts, beets (again). Will have to figure that one out for next season.
First ultrasound of our little one that actually looks like a little baby rather than a lima bean!
Pregnancy “highlights” up to this point:
  • Lots of nausea, but only one bout of throwing up! I call that a win!
  • Falling asleep on the bus on a daily basis.
  • Meralgia Paresthetica in my left leg. Basically, my growing uterus is pinching the lateral femoral nerve in my pelvis, resulting in Novocaine-like numbness in my thigh that, when I stay standing too long, transitions into a burning sensation all the way to my knee. My doctors had no idea what I was talking about except for my chiropractor. The things no one ever tells you about pregnancy, eh?
  • Cravings: Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Basically…the more pasta the better.
  • Aversions: Strangely, chocolate. Most detestable? Chocolate cake both in smell and taste. Go figure.
Double rainbow over the sheep farm.
Our landlord LOVES crab fishing. One day he surprised us with a bunch of freshly caught crab claws and home-baked bread to make crab rolls. So delicious! My mouth is watering again just writing about it!


One of the highlights of August was the wedding of our dear friends Yrjan and Desiree. They tied the knot up in Bergen in an ancient old church and had their reception near a gorgeous fjord so Chris and I got to have a lovely weekend trip out of town for the event! The whole wedding had a Norwegian/American flair with so many personal details to Yrjan (Norwegian) and Desi (American). It was a blast! It also happened to be the day after our 4th anniversary, so the trip was a perfect way to celebrate.
Our hotel was an amazing surprise! We stayed at the Bjornefjorden Gjestetun, which was one of the three hotels closest to the wedding venue and happened to have the cheapest price. We booked it with no expectations, except to have a convenient place to stay during the wedding but wow did it turn out to be a cozy escape!
Particularly this view! When we walked into the room the first time we just stood there in awe. We were BIG fans of waking up to this each morning!
I think we are going to use this hotel whenever we need to stay overnight in Bergen in the future.
Oh yeah…and I made the cake :) Congratulations again Yrjan and Desi!! You guys are the cutest newlyweds ever!Photo by Photogen Inc.
If you are interested in checking out their GORGEOUS photos from the wedding, check out Part 1 and Part 2 here!
In Cod We Trust

Anna showed me this book when we were over at their house for a Wine and Cheese night and she insisted that I borrow it. She said it would give me a whole new appreciation for Norwegian culture and my experience here. It’s a pretty quick read (I finished it in an afternoon/evening) and seriously…it was hilarious. I loved every bit of it! In fact, as soon as I finished it I popped onto Amazon.com and ordered one for Chris and I. We need it in our house.

The book is written by Eric Dregni, a great-grandson of Norwegian immigrants who receives a grant to live in Norway for a year with his pregnant wife to rediscover his roots and write about his experiences. His adventures echoed our experiences so far almost perfectly! I’d read excerpts to Chris and we’d both think “Hahaha! That happened to us!” or “Oh! That totally explains _____!” It really did help me understand the cultural differences between Norwegians and Americans and Eric’s light and comedic way of writing about difficult situations made me appreciate that these differences are an adventure and not something to stress over.

I’m guessing that this book won’t really be relevant to most of you, but for a few of you (I’m specifically talking to you: Mom, Dad, Jon, Tamara, anybody planning to visit, and any of you expats living in Norway), you will seriously love this book. It’ll help you appreciate what life is like for Chris and I here in Norway in a much funnier and cohesive way than this blog does (and if you are an expat, you’ll totally relate!). In fact… I wish Eric Dregni could write this blog for me. It would be much more awesome :)